Unofficial Rivian API Documentation

WARNING: This information is not maintained by Rivian, and things could change or break at any moment. Use at your own risk.

Most Rivian web APIs use GraphQL. Learn more about GraphQL here.


This section contains information about the endpoints that the Rivian mobile app uses to fetch information about your vehicle or account. It also supports some controls, such as locking/unlocking, etc. See App API for more information.

Vehicle BLE API

The BLE API is used by the mobile app and keyfob. It supports the same controls found in the app API, but sends the commands directly to the vehicle over BLE instead of over the internet. See Vehicle BLE API for more information.

Configurator Image API

The official website has an API for displaying images of different R1 configurations. See Configurator API for more information.


To contribute, submit a pull request to the GitHub repository.